Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm not into trend but more into creativity

Good chefs will always try other chefs' establishments to get inspired, getting to know what's new etc etc. I do that all the time especially when I am in London/Europe. I always find out what's the latest in culinary. 

I am not into trend (hipster this, hipster that, ring any bell?) but more into creativity. 

I love to see what other people do in terms of creativity so I won't do the same things. That's where I get inspired rather than copying. 

If you look around, those presentations using 'soil' this, soil that! De-construction this and that, foams, sauce in syringes, drinks in jam jars have all been literally copied in 4 corners of the world.

When El Buli was doing molecular, the rest of the word was copying him, literally! There are a few using 'him' as an inspiration and come out with brilliant creative ideas.

Most of these Chefs normally dig out their own roots and use that as a base of their cooking by expanding the gastronomic techniques, flavours and cultures. 

Sadly, these kind of chefs are not fully appreciated by the general public for their own lacking of comprehension. It's a natural behavior of human beings to be defensive when they are ignorant about something. 

Anyway, I do hope in my beloved country, Malaysia, trends will die off and original creative ideas will submerge or let's just concentrate on our classics and do it really well. 

'Goreng Pisang Cheese' for example is one of those things which has become a trend but all wrong in my humble opinion. We don't even understand 'cheese' to start with and we bastardised our original Pisang goreng with chemically and cheaply produced thing we call 'cheese'? 😁😁😁

Sunday, 8 January 2017

"Don't follow trend. Be original and be it!"

Di The Canteen by Chef Adu saya bukan 'boss'. 

Saya waiter, saya pembancuh air, tukang masak, pencuci pinggan, interior designer, artist (pelukis) dan pemilih muzik later belakang untuk dimainkan. 

Saya tahu ada yang tidak suka dengan pilihan muzik saya kerana saya bukan hanya mainkan lagu Melayu, tetapi lagu Tamil, Cina, Romania, Jawa, Sunda bla bla. 

Pendek kata Muzik Dunia. 

Cuba buka minda dan dengar dengan hati akan budaya orang lain, jom!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

How I have been spending my first day of 2017?

Lepak at home with my sister @hassanazizah whilst she was sewing my @aduhbyadu_official collection and me reading the poem I have to recite for #doauntukrohingya event later at Lanai of Istana Budaya, then now at the gym getting rid of the excess fat! 😂😂😂 wearing my favourite artist #Aiweiwei T-shirt and listening to the cooler than winter band #LondonGrammer's latest single "Rooting for you" 

Now, that's a good start to the year innit mate?

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Nasi Merah, semerah hatiku...

My healthier option. Rendang made with soy milk, blanched Choy Sum, egg white omelette and cherry tomatoes and red rice. Red or brown rice are a much better option than white rice. 

This is purely because White rice is highly refined. What makes it not-so-healthy despite being consumed by billions of people throughout the world is the fact that processing and milling takes away the bran and germ (rich in dietary fibre as well as nutrients beneficial for our health). 

Polishing also removes its aleurone layer resulting in loss of B vitamins and nutrients. It may also be treated with additives that can harm human body and trigger metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity etc. 

Brown and red rice share the same nutritional profiles and are either un-hulled or partially hulled. This means we get to chew on the bran and germ. While brown rice is easily available across the world, red rice is typical to Himalayan Mountains,Tibet, Bhutan, as well as southern India. However I found some really good Red rice in the Tamu in Lawas, Sarawak.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

"You don't have stories"

I once asked an editor of a well-known magazine, "When are you going to put me on the cover?" He perplexedly and hesitantly replied, "You don't have stories".

It took me a while to understand that.

I was still naive of the 'entertainment industry' at that time. Now I understand "no stories" mean no "commercial value" or "you are a bit on the 'older' side".

I always knew I had and still have lots of stories to tell and I have abundance (try me!) of substance. I do understand it well now. I know I have followers as twice I have been a finalist for most popular Celebrity Chef categories for two important (I think) awards in the country.

Despite that, I still don't have my 'own' show. In fact, both times when I was shortlisted, I was the only one had no TV or any project going on.

Well, despite the 'popularity', I still don't 😂😂😂. I guess, who wants to put you on the cover or any limelight when they have better looking younger people to choose from?

Pics don't speak substance or substance can be written for. I am not saying it's happening but it's just my observation for the past few years I have been in the 'industry'.

I haven't been feeling my age for quite sometime until tonight. I was given a free VIP ticket to see Greyson Chance and I thought "Oh well, why not?" I am sure it could be fun. After all I had those experiences gig'ing' and raving it in London in my younger days.

I arrived greeted by deafening noise of screaming girls (obviously not for me but for the Greyson dude). I thought his singing wasn't that bad but I just felt out of place. I felt old and I was kind of pushing myself to fit in. I stayed for two songs and rushed to the closest bar and had a drink.

I felt relieved and I could breathe my real age. Now I do understand fully that editor of that magazine or the producer of that programme didn't want to experience the same thing I just did by putting the 'wrong' person in the 'right' platform.

I have just finished my drink now, breathing more naturally, contented, with life as it is a funny thing and I am so blessed that I still could do most things that matter in my book of 'living'.

This is my Abah.

Abah taught us all about 'kesederhanaan' in life. He is selfless. A loner. And a lover. He always says his life is only for his one wife and 8 children.

I never met anyone who respected and was proud of his job like Abah was. He was a labourer in an oil palm factory all his working life.

Now Abah is retired, he spends his time playing with his grand sons and watching Tamil movies on TV. Despite loving the Tamil cinema, Abah is half Chinese and half Bugis. Nothing is too straight forward in our family and for that we are very blessed.

I love you so much Abah. Happy Abah's day to you and all fathers and men in the world!

#Abah #Chinese #bugis #humble #love #selfless

Sunday, 12 June 2016

I love the work ethic and the independence of our Chinese society in Malaysia or in general.

This is the older lady I get my fish from sometimes, in the Market in China town. She's old and frail looking but still very strong in the mind and physically! I love the work ethic and the independence of our Chinese society in Malaysia or in general. I hope and pray I will still be working and looking after myself independently at her age!
#Chinese #late #grandma #missing #her