Thursday, 14 April 2016

Without love I crumble...

Yesterday was the official mark of my collaboration with Tengku Marina of @tmarina.pinkjambu. I never dreamt of working with someone like her. Far-fetched from my 'reality' but her humbleness and down-to-earth personality makes me feel welcome to this far-fetched world.

I am not a fashion designer nor a trained artist. I am just a common person who has the eye for finer things in life, driven by other people's talents to complete mine as I believe (borrowing a quote "the saddest thing in life is wasted talents").

It is true as it is a gift.

Thank you so much my dear sister @hassanazizah (nicknamed 'Donatella' by my old friends) for bearing with my fussiness, tantrums and love.

Thanks also @syaerdean for bearing with my bigger fussiness, tantrums, diva-esq attitude sometimes and love.

Thanks my other sister @anna_chan52 who captains the kitchen when am out chasing other dreams for bearing with my supper-fussiness, chef-tantrums and love.

My main supporters of my fashion line @aduhbyadu_official, @___bayu___ , @128sm .

Also my new found love @mariaashiqin, one of my longest standing buddies @ariesfadi and Douglas who also came to support me (in fact they have been supporting my career since my London restaurant 2000 and my lifestyle shop called Mari-mari in London years ago) and everyone who came yesterday!

Last but never least, my best sahabat-cum-acting manager @razakamin and my sweetest 'hidden' Angel aka miss admin @nori_mymagnetic for bearing with all my ugliness and love.

Thank you, thank you for all