Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nothing and nothing about me has changed.

Shooting for Majalah Nona Raya Edition yesterday at The Canteen by Chef Adu

I am happy now that I have a 'permanent' job, a home and an office. The more I think about it the more I realise nothing about me is business.

The business part if any is just to be able to work to make ends meet, for survival, family and life really.

The older I get the more I become like my Abah! Not materialistic, super humble and just happy with the minimal stuff he has. The major thing for him is his family!

Now, I still go to work everyday, cooking, serving, entertaining, getting my pic taken, washing the dishes with my sister and staff. I still don't have a fancy car. @syaerdean still drives us to work. I am still renting my place from my brothers.

Nothing and nothing about me has changed.

Best thing is with all the worries I am very happy. I am loved by all the important people!.🙏🏽

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