Friday, 27 May 2016

Now, how can I not love you bloody English?

The Ship Damansara.

I was working here 27 years ago as a waiter. I remember shying away from customers when they tried to order their food and drinks in English.

I couldn't even understand "can I have a fresh orange please". That was the moment of change when I said to myself, "I need to conquer this bloody language".

With determination, I embarked my love affair with English through a loyal friend called Dictionary. The affair then led my path to move to the country!

I am now married to Dictionary in a happy triangular fashion with English. I still go to the Ship whenever I am in need of that nostalgic piece of steak.

Yes, I know there are other places that serve much better pieces of meat but nothing beats a love story that changed the path of your life! Now, how can I not love you bloody English?

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