Saturday, 31 December 2016

Have the best New year 2017 everyone. You are all my stars!

I'd pick those flickering stars in the bluest skies
I string them together to make the brightest garland
I put it over your neck as my sincerest gift
As you are my dear, the brightest star of all! 
Have the best New year 2017 everyone.
You are all my stars!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My new discipline life! Who wants to join me?

My new discipline life! 

Gym 3-6 times a week. 

 45 mins cardio each time and weight lifting on alternate days. 

I feel much better, lighter and happier! 

Who wants to join me? 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Yumminess overload!

Two of my must-have favourite things at this time of year. Roast turkey and minced pies! 

This year I roasted the bird with the traditional English stuffing of onion and sage with a twist of pickled shallots. For the crust of the pies I used whole-meal flour and almond meal. 

Yumminess overload!

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Rasuah is sinful in any religion!

If money is exchanged in order to get a project, a tender or a contract, it's called bribery or 'rasuah' in plain simple Malay.

Sadly in the lifestyle of Malay muslims (not all of course but quite a norm) who on the surface are getting more religious, this 'rasuah' thing is something they put under the carpet and not discuss.

These people take care of their solats (Alhamdulillah) make sure they only put halal food and drinks in their mouth no mater which corner of the world they are in! 

Perform umrah every year and donate to charities (normally 'riakly' announced) and do all other Islamic things.

I met quite a few of these people in London and more so in my beloved country Malaysia.

Rasuah is sinful in any religion! That's why any country and I mean any COUNTRY at all which is corrupt isn't progressive for the longest time.

On a personal level, if you are corrupt, no matter how much money you make, it's never enough! You never feel at peace nor happy within yourself! Bertaubatlah!