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"Welcome to the world of Chef Adu Amran."
This time, The Canteen by Chef Adu made it into Le Routard 2017/18; a popular French guide book for backpackers.
Our unique yet humble cafe which is located inside Muzium Tekstil Kuala Lumpur (The National Textile Museum Kuala Lumpur) is fully recommended by; a French award-winning editorial site specializing in tourism. Alhamdulillah.

3) Internet/Social Media:

Fadzilah Omar a.k.a 'gadisBUNGA' (GB); blogger, traveler and a passionate story-teller via many of her beautifully captured photographs.
We've been featured on Lonely Planet. More reason for you to come and have a little taste of what Chef Adu and his team have to offer.

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